All you can eat BBQ at CHIFAJA !!

All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Is Always Reaching for the Highest Quality Luxury All-You-Can-Eat

We've done everything possible to lower the price of Japanese barbecue, while also raising the bar in quality to the limit. We want our customers to eat cheap and delicious meat to their heart's content. We go the extra mile to deliver the absolute best to our customers.

The Amazing Aroma and Flavor of Wagyu Japanese Black Pineapple Wagyu

At Chifaja, we never stop when it comes to improving the quality of our all-you-can-eat Japanese barbecue. We have our own ranch since 2018 where we raise the cattle of Japanese Black Pineapple Wagyu with care and attentiveness, creating a lean wagyu beef absolutely packed with umami flavor.