All you can eat BBQ at CHIFAJA !!

All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Is Always Reaching for the Highest Quality Luxury

In order to deliver the highest quality all-you-can-eat Japanese barbecue at the lowest price, we set up our own ranch in Takanabe, Miyazaki Prefecture.

The carefully raised Japanese Black Pineapple Wagyu of the nature-abundant Miyazaki Prefecture is a lean wagyu rich in umami that you can eat until full without feeling that it was greasy. We hope that you will enjoy our wagyu at a price you can afford. This is our work of passion.

The Unique Umami and Aroma Our Ranch’s Japanese Black Pineapple Wagyu

To make our wagyu even more delicious and of the highest quality, we went so far as to get into raising cattle on our own. The miraculous wagyu that we discovered at Okazaki Ranch in Miyazaki Prefecture is our current Japanese Black Pineapple Wagyu.

For Japanese barbecue, meat with heavy marbling is not ideal due to the fat dripping down into the grill. Tender, lean meat that's packed with umami is perfect. The Japanese Black Pineapple Wagyu is the ideal choice for Japanese barbecue. The rich flavor of our lean wagyu is absolutely bursting with umami.

The uniquely captivating aroma and the clear fat of Japanese Black Wagyu are the reason that we raise our own cattle in the countryside at Takanabe Cudetion Farm.

We hope that you appreciate the fruits of our passionate work. That is the spirit of Chifaja.

Takanabe Cudetion Farm, Miyazaki Prefecture Japanese Black
Pineapple Wagyu

The "Pineapple" part of the name comes because ground pineapples are mixed into the feed of the cattle. A protein called bromelain contained in pineapple softens and helps bring out the flavor of the meat.

At Chifaja, we want our customers to enjoy wagyu until fully satisfied. The meat gets its tenderness from grilling rather than from marbling, so it's not greasy even when eating a lot. Japanese Black Pineapple Wagyu is perfect for all-you-can-eat Japanese barbecue.

Japanese Black Pineapple Wagyu Each Chifaja restaurant manager visits the Takanabe Cudetion Farm on a regular basis to learn about the fattening process of the cattle.

Our Customers Can Enjoy With Peace of Mind Delicious and Inexpensive

In order to make our all-you-can-eat barbeque service even more delicious and satisfying, we are constantly exploring other ingredients as well.

At Chifaja, we're always striving to keep our prices as low as possible so that our customers can enjoy our cheap and delicious beef until they're completely full. Being a friend to our customers' wa